Markov Chain Monte Carlo fitting.



Concatenate a list of TOAs objects into a single TOAs object

lnlikelihood_basic(ftr, theta)

The log of the likelihood function, basic implementation.

lnlikelihood_chi2(ftr, theta)

lnprior_basic(ftr, theta)

Basic implementation of log prior.

set_priors_basic(ftr[, priorerrfact])

Basic method to set priors on parameters in the model.


CompositeMCMCFitter(toas, model, sampler, ...)

A subclass of MCMCFitter, designed to work on composite datasets

MCMCFitter(toas, model, sampler, **kwargs)

A class for Markov-Chain Monte Carlo optimization style-fitting

MCMCFitterAnalyticTemplate(toas, model, ...)

A subclass of MCMCFitter, designed to use an analytic template rather than a binned one that uses interpolation.

MCMCFitterBinnedTemplate(toas, model, ...)

A subclass of MCMCFitter, designed to use a binned template with interpolation instead of an analytic function