Functions related to simulating TOAs and models


calculate_random_models(fitter, toas[, ...])

Calculates random models based on the covariance matrix of the fitter object.

get_fake_toa_clock_versions(model[, ...])

Get the clock settings (corrections, etc) for fake TOAs

make_fake_toas(ts, model[, add_noise, ...])

Make toas from an array of times

make_fake_toas_fromMJDs(MJDs, model[, freq, ...])

Simulate TOAs from a list of MJDs

make_fake_toas_fromtim(timfile, model[, ...])

Simulate fake TOAs with the same times as an input tim file

make_fake_toas_uniform(startMJD, endMJD, ...)

Simulate uniformly spaced TOAs.

update_fake_dms(model, ts, dm_error, add_noise)

Update simulated wideband DM information in TOAs.

zero_residuals(ts, model, *[, ...])

Use a model to adjust a TOAs object, setting residuals to 0 iteratively.