Objects for comparing models to data.

These objects can be constructed directly, as Residuals(toas, model), or they are constructed during fitting operations with pint.fitter.Fitter objects, as fitter.residual. Variants exist for arrival-time-only data (pint.residuals.Residuals) and for arrival times that come paired with dispersion measures (pint.residuals.WidebandTOAResiduals).



Collect results from different type of residuals.

Residuals([toas, model, residual_type, ...])

Class to compute residuals between TOAs and a TimingModel.

WidebandDMResiduals([toas, model, ...])

Residuals for independent DM measurement (i.e.

WidebandTOAResiduals(toas, model[, ...])

A class for handling the wideband toa residuals.